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The official website of NFL, the Patriots signed former Cardinals wide receiver Michael Freud, rugby wo the new England patriots added another offensive weapon. Aigo officially through the waste will compete under the label before the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Michael Freud (Michael Floyd). Freud on Monday because he was arrested for drunk driving, then cut off by the cardinals. He had been arrested in 2011 as a result of a wine drive. is a free agent Freud will hope to save the troubled 2016 season in the Patriots at the end of the season, this season in the frequency of the ball (33) and yards (446 yards) are the lowest of his career, but the ball number reached a career high. , but Freud's speed and ability to draw space in second line defense make him an interesting target in patriots. He used these abilities to win 5 matches in the last 8 games of last season. According to media reports Arizona Cardinals player Freud was not satisfied to be laid off. His former team mate, cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Larry Fitzgerald, said Larry Fitzgerald received a phone call from other team general managers and coaches on Freud's ability to consult on Wednesday. in the proximal frontal Robert (Rob Gronkowski) - Marcus' season after the Patriots offensive group saw repair is not surprising. Wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman), Chris Hogan (Chris Hogan) and Barkam's Mitchell (Malcolm Mitchell) to serve as the lateral took over, but Freud was a patriot proven passing target. Freud was not going well on and off this season, but we won't exclude the possibility that the patriots would make him a good deal again. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Seahawks General Manager: defensive end Bennet on the current contract with | football Michael - Bennet (Michael Bennett) still wants a raise. the Seattle Seahawks ball impact hand choose not to participate in the current voluntary training to hope the team can to give him a contract. General manager John - Schneider (John Schneider) said on Wednesday that he felt Bennet was not satisfied with his $32 million $4 contract that he had signed in 2014. I didn't have the impression that he was satisfied with the contract, Schneider said. But I think he realized it was a team sport and I'm sure he saw some teammates with a year left. His contract is two years left. We have some people to worry about to become free players after the end of next season. According to a report in the and the players left on his contract for more than a year of negotiations, the Seahawks want to fix receiver Doug - Baldwin (Doug Baldwin), near end Luke - Wilson (Luke Willson) and kicker Steven hauska (Steven Hauschka) contract. Bennet last offseason choose a strike to seek a new contract, but failed. He took part in compulsory training, but said he had considered complete training. But Schneider is not worried that this will happen this year. Bennet in the last season for the first time in the bowl and the occupation is a key member of the Seahawks defensive attack the ruling class, but in two years with the contract situation he may also raise the target can not be achieved.after a season of struggle, the Super Bowl runner up Seattle Seahawks players is to overcome injuries at the primary goal of the offseason. Robert Turbin, a substitute, was recently selected for hip surgery. In the interview, Turbin revealed that the operation was successful and recovered well and would not affect his schedule of the new season. in the past few seasons, the Seahawks running back position was very optimistic about Kristin - Michael (Christine Michael), but the talented young ran Wei always failed to prove himself in the game. Tulbin, on the contrary, can always grasp the limited time to play. It is shown when Ma Sean Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) needs to rest, or when the team passes the ball. The last year at the age of 25, Turbin will enter the rookie contract next season, he hopes to seize the opportunity to stay in the sea. For Turbin, the primary goal is to catch up with the offseason training camp, if absent because of injury reasons, his position is likely to be replaced by Michael.NFL????|???????????????????????|????? are you looking for the Adrian - Pedersen (Adrian Peterson) shirt? Nike has recently made a decision, because the Vikings running back the scandal, and his allegations of child abuse, Nike related goods shelves all Peterson two in the city, so if you are in Minneapolis and St Paul, the two city, it can only say you good luck. now people can only buy Pedersen's goods online. Due to the pressure of public opinion, sponsors have to respond to the players who are ugly accusations, from Ray Rice to Pedersen. The hotel chain sponsors gradually banned with the Vikings, beer factory sponsors is also very concerned about the further treatment on domestic violence and child abuse alliance events.

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