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In the "Pateá El Tablero" slogan, Messi (Lionel Messi), Di Maria (Á ngel; Di Marí a), Ravec (Ezequiel Lavezzi), angel Correa (· Á ngel Correa) and Lucas · (Lucas Biglia); biglia appears in New Jersey advertising.Under coach Jim - (Jim Harbaugh) under the command of Hargreaves, 49 people in San Francisco has been washed with the ball rolled his opponent's name. But that's not the way this season. in 3 consecutive seasons to punch the ball number broken, a lot of work has been responsible for running back Frank Gore (Frank Gore) this season to 49 attack group timidity on outstanding performance in the play they rushed the ball, in the face of the only 2 victories over the Oakland Raiders poor performance. Before the season starts, the 49 men hope to be able to adjust Gore's holding times to keep the 31 year old strong player alive, but he averaged 14.8 times in every season, the lowest in 2005 seasons - the opposite cheap nfl jerseys free shipping result. "it's hard to find the rhythm," Gore told the local media. "As a player, you have to find the rhythm on the court so that you can succeed. It's hard to find the rhythm for the whole year. " is not just Gore, but the entire 49 attack this season is hard to look at. Once the offense is one of the league's most creative form this season and slow since seventh week averaged scores at the bottom. we are not optimistic about their next face with excellent ball defense the Seattle Seahawks performance, we also don't think -- or Gore -- Hargreaves after the end of the season will stay in the team. The rhythm of the 49 attack team will be transferred from the ball to the pass.The first Super Bowl champion ring of Jerry Kramer (Jerry Kramer) did not create a super bowl ring auction record, but it created some other records. The ring of the front Green Bay Packer attacked the front line at an auction on Saturday at an auction of $125475. This is the first six - figure wrapper - related item, more than the Don Hutson game shirt that was sold for $80662.5 in 2011. although Kramer has become a household name and the first Super Bowl champion ring, this transaction price is far from the super bowl ring auction record. The former New York giants linebacker Laurence Taylor (Lawrence Taylor) of the twenty-fifth super bowl ring in 2012 made a $230401 record high, former Chicago bears defensive front - William Perry (William Perry) of the twentieth super bowl ring in 2015 sold for 203150 dollars. Before that, only two of the first Super Bowl rings appeared on the trading market, and the ring of forward Steve Wright (Steve Wright) made 73409 dollars in 2011, and line Wei Lei Niczyk (Ray Nitschke) was bought by private buyers at an unknown price. this ring is the more than 50 thing that Cramer was auctioned. One of them, including his first Super Bowl competition, sold 45410 yuan, and Kramer was invited to the auction on Saturday. "He can come is really cool, the auction manager said," today we are one of the largest auction buyers, is a senior baseball collector, but Kramer in the auction a few minutes before the speech, never let the auction have collections of impressive and rugby buyers took several Kramer objects." Kramer wants to build an Education Trust Fund with an auction income of about $350000. is the five most noteworthy items in many objects -- the first super bowl ring, the Super Bowl match Jersey, the 1965 NFL champion ring, the 1962 NFL champion watch and a mid 60s match Jersey -- the total sale amount is 265290 dollars. "We are very satisfied with the results of the auction," the director said. "This is the highest price that is sold by the Green Bay Packers."Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) in the earlier this month on twitter said he is considering retirement, but most people think that just because he suffered a broken leg so would have such negative thoughts, because now he is only 27 years old. on Tuesday U.S. time, Thomas told a television interview asked again whether is still considering retirement, Thomas said: "I enjoy every morning without feeling the pressure, quiet back in my life, and I think the ultimate goal of my life, I just want to be quiet, so now I am in dilemma situation." moderator also asked whether twitter was released in December 4th when Thomas was in a low ebb, because everyone knew Thomas was an emotional player. Thomas explained: "of course, I have always been emotional, but my thinking is very clear. My feeling has not changed. You have lots of pressure in the game, especially when we are always in high level competitions. I don't want to return to the stadium when I hesitate." injury is obviously a great blow for Thomas, but the retirement age at the age of 27 is obviously earlier. If Thomas returns, he still has many honors to harvest.

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