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Beijing time on September 16th, NBA combined with New Jersey partner Nike made a new shirt conference, every team has sent a team of players wearing his shirt in the home court conference, when 30 players off the Hoodie at that moment, a large sense of color came. But today's focus is not the appearance of the Nike shirt, but the black technology that Nike has brought on the shirt. Nike new players Jersey subscript will no longer be furnished, fans just download the corresponding subscript APP is used to scan the Jersey below, you can watch the corresponding star career highlight video, if it is on the day of the game will be scanned for the player information, and these are related to Nike for the fans into the market it is also very helpful. and the APP can also update the players' high light moments in half an hour after the end of the game. If Nike's innovation can only be too weak, they add the function of the Jersey to the 2K18 signed by NBA. If we buy the players' jersey, we can unlock the corresponding players' ability in 2K18 when they scan the subscript. By scanning the subscript by the fans, Nike can get fans' information and know where cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the most fans are, which is of great benefit to Nike's corresponding activities. It has to be said that the Nike that has signed the contract to make a profit is really not comparable to ADI.The official website of NFL | together the end of the season the team to stay a very small possibility of | football Clif left the Browns quarterback Blaine Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) - time should be no more. ESPN reported that he was expected to leave Brown after the end of the season. The report points out that one of the prerequisites for his stay in the Brown team is to allow Brown to return to the playoffs since 2002. on Sunday and Indiana lost the colts, 7 wins and 6 losses of the Brown team is currently ranked in the bottom of the North Midland, Federation of the ranking of twelfth, and Brown lost to the 5 record with him or their half wins team. CBS sports insider NFL Jason La Canfora (Jason La Canfora) reported on Sunday that although Heuer is still the first quarterback for the coaching team and most players, his status as a starting player is heading for instability every week. NFL official net also reported that once Brown's playoffs hope to lose, they will not hesitate to put Heuer into the bench. It seems to be expected that Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) should be seen next week against the Cincinnati tigers.Baltimore crow boss Steve (Steve Bisciotti) than Oiticica has issued a statement denying the relevant to NFL President Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) to maintain the pressure of the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) four match ban reports. A ESPN reporter Friday to the San Diego radio station NFL said that if the pardon and cancel the ban than Brady, Ody and the Indianapolis Colts owner Jim - Ilse (Jim Irsay) and some other American League team boss will be angry. , "I have never pressed the president or any office on behalf of NFL office to deal with this event called everyone's" vent valve ", Bisio Siti said in a statement released Sunday. "The spread of the news that I put pressure on Roger one hundred percent is wrong." said, "the report is unfair to the respected (patriot boss) Robert Kraft (Robert Kraft) and his team. Let's talk about the unveiling of rugby and training camp. The fans and people like me want it to be settled now. " had NFL website reporter once interviewed Pittsburgh Steelers owner art Rooney (Art Rooney) on the team boss to influence Godell, Rooney gives a negative answer.The official website of NFL | Losangeles rams trade pick up? | football Kobe retired battle finish has not gone, the Lakers in Losangeles's new neighbor ram in the market made a big news. Losangeles rams from Tennessee Titan trade won the number one! Rams sent out the first round (15) + two round (43+45) + three rounds (76) +2017's first round and three rounds in 2016, and got the top four in 2016 from the Titan (113) + six round (117). , a fan of the goats, had a bit of anger in the shock when he saw the news at first. Coach Geoff Fisher and general manager les Snyder is styled. After all, in 2012, the reverse side of the red skin was typical in the previous year, but the protagonist of the year also had a share of the goats. Is the beneficiary of the year really turned into a victim? carefully calmly thought about it, but the deal was not so bad. This city and the team may really need something to stimulate. Losangeles is a big ball city. There are too many symbols in the city: Jabbar, Wayne Gerets Ki and Eric - duer, and Kobe, Clayton, Khan, Blake, and J. These people represent different sports in the city. The return of the ram to Losangeles needs a new symbol to represent the team and represent the city. A young and potential quarterback may really be able to change this. The shock of the 2012 trading, RAM eventually became a party to benefit, they use the year accumulated a number of high picks, with the full potential of a large number of super rookie. Although the eye of the offense has been questioned in recent years, it has created a League of two young defenders of the Konoe army. Although this offseason, the defense also has the blood loss, but also the backbone, new season still has strong competitiveness. It is the team's hard - to - think offensive team, which is a disappointment to the fans for most of the time. The reason is very simple, the lack of high quality quarterback. Although the 2010 ram once to take the university big kill four Sam Bradford, but after entering the league with glass halo big Sam only played the full 2 season, the rams played quarterback for the replacement of the mind. So, up to the top.

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