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even-even soccer equipment network Nike today launched a film called "you don't believe" limit clips. The film introduced by Wieden+Kennedy, director Daniel group (The Daniels) directed by actor Oscar · Isaac (Oscar Isaac) and Su Bingtian (the narrator, China sprinter, Aaron Gordon (·); Aaron Gordan, American basketball player, English Gardiner (·); English Gardner, American sprinter Stanton zhankaluo), · (Giancarlo Stanton, American baseball player), Kevin · Durant (Kevin Durant, American basketball player), Mo · Fala (Mo Farah, the British runner), Neymar (Neymar Jr., Brazil, ·, football player); Houston (Nyjah Huston, American skateboarder, Serena Williams (·); Serena Williams, American tennis player) and Zach · (Zach L Levin; AVine, American basketball players and other athletes are out of the mirror. The film aims to pay tribute to every sport enthusiast that keeps breaking its limits, as well as champion athletes including Neymar.The official website of NFL | saints coach Payton for se cheap nfl jerseys free shipping cond round pick | football do you want the saints boss Sean Payton (Sean Payton) to be your team manager next season? To achieve this, only a new contract and a second round draft are needed. According to the official website of NFL reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Monday that the offer to become Payton's departure obstacles. The saints obviously would like to know about other teams' interest in Payton, and may get a suitable exchange condition and go out with Payton who led them to win the super bowl. Although some team may be lost to sniff at a high draft pick, the other team may take it as a coach of the former five players into the free agent market. Sometimes, these players are worth a big contract because the good players don't always have. Payton quickly became famous in the saints and led the team to win a Super Bowl champion, but his career in the saints defense group recently due to salary cap and huge bad dull lot. Four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) is not healthy and his huge contract makes it impossible for the team to strengthen the squad. all these questions, coupled with the fact that Payton has been coaching saints in the past ten years, may be a motive for the two sides to separate. , like the Philadelphia hawks, the New York giants and the San Francisco 49, will be at least a wise approach to the saints. Payton can reduce the potential risks for these teams to hire a coach for the first time and possibly create a successful attack team immediately. They only need to decide whether to reduce such risks is worth the exchange of a potential star that can be selected in the second round.Dallas Cowboys coach Jason - Garrett (Jason Garrett) are still unable to confirm Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant) whether to play Sunday against the Green Bay Packers game. was told that Bryant did not take part in the team's training on Friday, and the coach was not sure if he could play for sixth weeks. Bryant third weeks suffered knee fractures missed after 2 weeks. The good news is that seventh weeks is the cowboy's bye week, Bryant will have enough time to recover. Garrett said: "we do not count the factors bye week, a total of 16 games, this is what we need to know." this season Bryant has 11 balls to push 150 yards and 1The official website of NFL | governor of Minnesota senator: Vikings Football should be suspended | Peterson for the Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) on the governor's office not supporters. Minnesota governor Mark Dayton (Mark Dayton) local time on Tuesday, it is announced that the Vikings Peterson will play this week against the New Orleans saints game issued the following statement: that's a bad decision. Yes, Mr. Peterson should go through legal procedures and be innocent until 'proof of guilt.' But he was a public figure; his behavior, as described earlier, was publicly disgraced by the Vikings and Minnesota. The act of beating the child to the naked eye to see the extent of the scar should not be tolerated in our state. Therefore, I think the team should be banned from the Peterson display until the child abuse charge is resolved by the criminal department. but I won't give up Vikings and their fans as some people suggest. The Vikings belong to the people of Minnesota and Minnesota, and this is the only home of the team. Our people, including me, are their most loyal fans. Minnesota Senator Al Franken (Al Franken) and later also issued the statement: Peterson heard that what happened on this child was heartbreaking, Senator Franken said. I'm a Viking fan, and it's one of my favorite things to do on Sunday since I was a child. But the behavior of child abuse is wrong, and I think the Vikings made a wrong decision on this. This should be the law enforcement departments to deal with, it must be through legal procedures, but I think that until the program before Adrian Peterson should not be allowed to play. Many children adore these players, and the Vikings can't signal that what's happening now is acceptable. It's more important than the game. Peterson was accused of being injured by recklessness or negligence last Friday, and then he did not play on Sunday in a game in which the team lost to the Patriots.

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